Gardeco Outdoor Buffalo Rotisserie BBQ Set

Brought To You By: Studio

The ultimate BBQ for your Summer.

If you are looking for the ultimate all in one BBQ that will smoke, cook a large foint, grill, cook pop corn and stews then the Gardeco Buffalo Rotisserie Set is just for you.

Imagine all the great food you can cook with this amazing BBQ. The rotisserie is perfect for slow cooking your joints of pork, a whole chicken or even a rack of ribs.

There really is nothing more succulent and tasty than a stew that is cooked on the BBQ, now you can with the Gardeco. 

Unleash your BBQ skills with the ultimate garden cooker this Summer.

Product Details:

  • 75cm diameter fire pit
  • Large firepit BBQ grill
  • Smoker pan
  • Stewing Pot
  • Rotisserie arm for slow cooking joints of meat
  • Lots more goodies
Historic Price:
£ 199.99