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Dyson AM06 Bladeless Cooling Fan

Brought To You By: JD Williams

Powerful air projection With No blades. The Dyson Cool™ AM06 Desk Fan generates smooth, powerful airflow for personal cooling.

Like all Dyson bladeless fans, it uses Air Multiplier™ technology to draw in surrounding air, creating powerful air projection.

Some fans are quiet but weak; others are powerful but noisy. AM06 is quiet and powerful – 75% quieter than Dyson’s previous generation of fans.

Dyson engineers have reduced turbulence and noise throughout the machine by channeling airflow more efficiently.

Motor noise and vibration have been isolated and significantly reduced. AM06 now houses a Helmholtz cavity, designed to capture and dissipate noise from the motor (which has been calibrated to run slower whilst maintaining powerful airflow).

Historic Price:
12 Aug 2020
£ 249.00