VonShef Electric Milk Frother

Brought To You By: VonShef

Have you ever wondered why your efforts at making delicious hot drinks never seem to come close to those served up at your local café?

If you have, you could be surprised to learn that the key to creating the perfect hot drinks is how you make your milk.

The way you make your milk can be a deal breaker - get it wrong and your coffee could be little more than mediocre. Get it right though, and you’ll find yourself sipping on beautiful drinks worthy of any top coffee shop.

The Milk Frother makes it easy

Getting your milk just right isn’t as difficult as you may think, in fact with two interchangeable whisk attachments - one for frothing and one for heating - the VonShef Premium Milk Frother makes it incredibly easy.

The Premium Milk Frother makes light work of transforming milk from still and lifeless to bubbly and frothy - taking just seconds to create the perfect base for your choice of hot drink.

Historic Price:
08 Aug 2018
£ 25.99