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Cold Brew Coffee Filter in Bottle Brown 750ml

Brought To You By: Hario

Join the cold brew coffee revolution with Absolute Home and Hario.

Start your day in the best way possible, with a glass of cool infused coffee.  Simply place 70g of your favourite coffee in the diffuser.  Add 750ml of tap or bottled water and leave in your refrigerator for 8-24 hours.

What you get the next morning is a completely different cold coffee drink with beautiful rich flavours that have not been altered by the addition of hot water.  Why heat something up only to cool it back down again?

With the Hario, you bring our almost 90% more flavour and less acidity, what could be more enjoyable.  With the Coffee Filter in Bottle Brown you also have enough for 6 cups to enjoy over a few days or with friends on a pleasant Summer afternoon.

Go on, Join the Cold Brew Coffee Revolution today.

Latest Price:
£ 32.00