Leffe Brune - PerfectDraft 6L Keg

Brought To You By: BeerHawk Ltd

Perfect draft beer at home.

The PerfectDraft Leffe Brune 6L Keg is the perfect way for you to enjoy great draft beer at home with friends and family. Recreate the atmosphere of your favourite pub in your own home and garden.

The beauty of having your own keg or sub is that it dramatically reduces waste and does away with endless empty cans about the home.

Guests can help themselves as they wish to either a small or large glass of chilled refreshing beer.

Works with the PerfectDraft Keg Machine that can be purchased from same website.

  • FREE Delivery on orders over £50
  • Delivered in reinforced packaging
  • Avoid crowded supermarkets - beer to your door direct
  • £5 Drinks token when you return your used keg.
  • Online tracking available
Historic Price:
05 Feb 2021
£ 33.90