Develop Your Own Functional Kitchen.

We have become so busy nowadays that preparing an elaborate dinner and enjoying it with the entire family seems like a luxury. Multi-tasking has become a reality of life and we want to achieve more in less time. Such a busy life calls for functional home décor that makes it easy for us to find things and use them. The kitchen especially needs to be designed in a way that makes it easy for us to rustle up meals and also enjoy the company of our loved ones.

How to design a functional kitchen?

It is not enough to have beautiful cabinets and latest gadgets in the kitchen. What makes a kitchen functional is its layout. The kitchen should address the needs of the homeowner and take his or her lifestyle into account. What suits a banker may not suit a teacher!

Choosing the kitchen layout

Traditionally the kitchen used to have a triangular layout with the stove, refrigerator and sink occupying three corners. Since today most of the family members share the task of cutting, baking and cooking, the triangular format doesn’t work much. A work station layout with ample space for multiple cooks is a better idea.

Lux from Habitat. Small Space Friendly


Use space intelligently

For a small kitchen, it is advisable to get vertical. You can use magnets and hooks to organize your things, thereby saving space. Cabinets that reach the ceiling would help you to stock most of the things you need nicely.

Choose tiered storage capacity that would help you to organize the kitchen in a better way. You can keep less used items within reach but out of sight and make your kitchen look clutter-free.

Go for an island

You know that your friends and family would gather in the kitchen to share your load and also to chat. If you have enough space, getting an island would help you to organize your work and leave space for others too. Many of us don’t have the space, so making your dining table to function as an island along with a place to eat and work is a great idea.

Nova from Habitat. Even the Top Companies use Dining Tables as Islands
Rochelle Oak and Green Rectangular Dining Table, Makes for a Great Kitchen Island

Get it well-lit

Yes, a kitchen needs ample lighting to make cooking easier for you. Don’t go for a single source of light but install multiple ones that would light it completely.

Make it reflect your personality

Your kitchen must reflect your lifestyle and personality. Add items that would make it stand apart and help you to relax while cooking. A small plant on the window sill, a vase full of lilies at the center of the island can be a nice addition that would uplift your mood easily.

Adrie Medium Bottle Vase, Blue and White








Experiment with some new furniture or fittings in your kitchen to see how this helps you enjoy cooking and company of your friends and family.  If you would like to see more functional kitchen design ideas then Habitat have great range of cool designer kitchens for you to have a look at.

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