Countdown to Christmas with House of Bath

Get your Christmas decorating trend off to a fantastic start with House of Bath. HoB have a fantastic range of affordable Christmas trees, decorations and lights that will suit any home. Here are our top picks in their current Countdown to Christmas range.

Super Slim Fibre optic Christmas Tree with 100s of fibre optic twinkling lights. Available in 3 different sizes.
Super Slim Fibre optic Christmas Tree

When it comes to finding an affordable, long lasting Christmas Tree that is on trend, then look no further than the Super Slim Fibre Optic Christmas Tree. The tree is available in 3 different sizes with integrated fibre optic lights.

Pyramid Candle Light

With 33 bulbs, the Cathedral style Pyramid Candle Light feature piece is the perfect seasonal decorating item for  your windowsill, dinner table or mantelpiece. The lights come with a 5ft power flex that will attach to any UK wall socket.

16ft long LED garland that is perfect for draping around a door frame. Comes with integrated 16ft power cable
16ft LED Garland

walk through a doorway of light with the 16 foot LED Garland. The garland is mains operated with a 16 foot flex and is just flexible enough to be placed around a door frame or mantelpiece without slipping off.

Multi coloured, Multi-function LED net lights. Mains free and perfect for covering a bush outside your front door. Required 3 AA batteries and will automatically come on at the same time you first switched it on.
Multi coloured, Multi-function LED Net Lights

Many of us have a bush or two outside our front door or leading to the garden. Now you can light them up with the Multi coloured, Multi-function LED Net Lights. These are NOT mains operated, therefore they can be placed anywhere you want.  The lights require 3 AA batteries that will last up to 60 days. Switch them on ONCE and it remembers when to come on the next day. It has 7 lighting functions that you can choose from.

Yankee Candle Triple Melt Warmer Set. An abundance of Yankee scents for your Christmas. The perfect way to greet your guests this Christmas.
Yankee Candle Triple Melt Warmer Set.

Christmas is the time to indulge, now you can bring an amazing fragrance into your home with the Yankee Candle Triple Melt Warmer Set. The set includes 3 burners and 12 scented waxes. You really wont find a better deal out there.

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