Will The High Street Estate Agent Survive?

The last few years have been tough on smaller estate agencies. With househunters increasingly turning to the internet for their property needs, it’s becoming harder all the time for smaller high street companies to get a look in.

But is there anything smaller firms can do to make a difference? And how have the big companies managed to respond to the changing market so quickly? The answer to both questions is just one word: software. Larger firms, with their huge IT departments and dedicated developers, have been able to create software systems that move with the market, placing them to take advantage of opportunities as they occur. Smaller firms have been crying out for a software solution that will let them stake out their portion of the online landscape, but there has been a shortage of options.

That is, until now. Software firm Vebra have just unveiled VebraLive, a one-size-fits-all software solution that may just give smaller agencies what they need to finally compete with the big boys. This kind of estate agency software is designed to let agents create and manage their own fully featured online empire, without the need for costly IT services. What’s more, thanks to its innovative smartphone interface, you can keep track of your agency’s business on the move.

Sounds great, right? But does it really work? The answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ Although the software won’t do your job for you, it gives you an instant leg-up in the online marketplace. It’s then up to you to capitalise on this opportunity. One advantage that local agents have over the big players is in the level of personal contact, and Vebra’s software lets you take your personal touch to an unprecedented customer base.

By empowering smaller agencies, VebraLive is set to make a huge impact on the online estate agency world, so if you’re an agent, now’s the time to make sure your estate agency software is up to scratch , and that you’re on the right side of the upcoming property revolution. After all, estate agency is all about customer service, so any tool to help get closer to your customers should be cause for celebration.

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