Why You Need Gazebo Netting

If you have a home gazebo or shelter than one thing you may not have thought about is the benefits you will get from adding netting to the open sides.
You will be well aware that there are many different types of gazebos on the market.  Small, Large, Open Sided, Three Sided, Round, Square, Rectangular etc…. Gazebos can be constructed from small plastic tubes to large steel rods with semi-fixed sides and windows. You can augment your gazebo with netting, pretty much similar to that you would have in your home, although it may be a bit longer.  What are the benefits of adding net screening to your gazebo?
  • Keeps out flies, mosquitos and other insects away from your Victoria Sponges and sweet drinks.
  • Reduces wind gust so your paper plates, serviettes and crispy buns don’t go flying.
  • Allows just the right amount of breeze to keep you cool.
  • The netting helps to diffuse the Sun’s UV rays whilst still letting in glorious amounts of light.
  • Adds  just the right amount of seclusion whilst still allowing you to admire your surroundings.
Absolute Home have been working with Dekoria to come up with something quite unique for your Garden Gazebo that no one else in the UK is doing at present. Addon gazebo netting The Dekoria Voila Netting, comes in either made to measure tabbed panels or standard W300 x H260cm panels. Net Curtains, Perfect For Gazebos Composition: 100% polyester Width of fabric: 298cm (1 Panel) Colour: white To assist with attaching the netting you may want to look at using cut to length Velcro ties that will go through the netting loops and round small plastic gazebo bars or larger steel / concertina cross bars.  You can also use the ties to fasten the netting around the gazebo corner legs when not in use. Velcro Ties Gazebos are not cheap and you want to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible, make the most of Summer and Autumn this year with this unique gazebo netting idea from Absolute Home and Dekoria.