Lush Gifts From Crowdyhouse for 2018.

Crowdyhouse pride themselves on bringing beautifully designed gifts that are both unique, of superior quality an affordable. The majority of the designers of these unique gifts ship worldwide and the price of shipping is included in the prices you pay.

Here are some of the newest gift ideas that are just perfect for someone’s birthday or even a fancy Christmas Present.

The Chil – Meditative Mobile is one of those ornaments that lives and is versatile within its environment. Available in a variety of colours, the balancing bird is just that. A bird that you can balance on the corner or your computer screen, book spine, mantelpiece, or walk around with it perched on your finger. The design is sharp and modern, yet has a light relaxing feel to it.

The Lucius Wireless Lamp is an 80 hour wonder. On a single charge it can set the mood both indoors and out for up to 80 hours. It is also splash proof so if someone does accidently spill a drink over it the Lucius will be fine. The Lucius has Over 16 million colours, with a flawless exterior with no buttons, just touch and shake.

Vinyl is on the way back, and for any lover a Vinyl Record Storage Box is a must. Made from solid birch wood the record box is a strong, functional storage unit that will hold and protect your favourite vinyls for years to come.

Give the little ones a different present this year with the bespoke Personalised Name Puzzle. The puzzle is made from different sized pieces that will help the child to exercise their brains, colour perception and dexterity, by placing the coloured pieces to create their name.

For those of us that love to cook. The Stand up Herb Flask is a great way to display and have your favourite herbs and spices ready for immediate use. The conical shaped glass vials hold 100ml and are made from laminated hardwood that is oiled three times, borosilicate glass and natural cork stopper.

If you know someone that has a chair full of clothes in their by their front door, or you have limited hallway storage then the Micro Coat Hooks could help de-clutter for you. The set of 5 hooks are made from ash and cloaked in a foam finish to protect whatever you place on it.

When it comes to pocket change what do you do with them? Put them in a dish, drop in a jar or loose down the sofa? The Collectionnées, modern coin collector  is a stylish, unique and totally bespoke way of collecting and displaying your loose change. The tiered collector will hold pound sterling or euros and it is up to you what denominations you place on each level. Do you look to build it up or use it for loose change when the need arises. A unique and stylish coin collecting and sorting solution.

Sometimes you just do not want to balance a laptop on your lap, or have it lying flat on the table. With the Filo – Portable Wooden Laptop Stand, you can treat you laptop like a desktop. The Filo is small enough to fit in your laptop bag and easily transforms into a stand that will place both screen and keyboard at their optimal angles. Not to mention the added ventilation it provides.