Guide To Choosing The Correct Window Covering

You will be well aware that there are multitude of different window coverings that you can choose for your home.
Whether that be blinds, curtains, shutters or roller shades.  We would suggest that there are a few different things that you need to consider before making a final choice on your window covering. window coverings, blinds, curtains etc What kind of room are you working with? It is important to take into account a whole room and not just the area by a window, think of the room as a whole and the impact that light from the window has on that room.
  • Is the room North facing? brining in lots of natural light but might be subjected to cold winds from the north?  it is worth considering the use of special coverings that reduce heat from the Sun in the Summer and keeps in heat in the Winter.  A useful fact is that almost 40% of a rooms heat is lost through its windows.  Blackout curtains do hot have to be black, but can actually be quite bright, they are just on the whole thicker and more dense.
  • Does the room get most of its light in the morning, hence an East facing window?  Did you know that there are options that will help capture the heat and diffuse it before it enters the room, thereby helping to prevent over heating such as a pleated curtain.  If you have a bedroom window that faces East does the Sun wake you up too early in the mornings, and therefore would a blackout curtain be useful.  Look at the examples below and see specific patterning, even with a simple colour could affect the feel of a room.  Which is your favourite? My personal favourite is the vertical pleat.
  • Does the room face West, stay dull all day but brighten up in the late afternoon.  As the room may be darker than the rest for most of the day how just using a brighter lighter curtain take you?  You don’t necessarily need to block out light in the late evening unless the low sun is interfering with your view of the TV.
  • A South facing window lets in the most light throughout the day and therefore you may want to look at a netted option to help reduce all day UV rays along with drawn curtains for the evening.
Personal style options? What style are you after, what is the current theme for the room you are working with.  A modern room will not work well with floral curtains, however a minimalist room will work well with a plane shade or slot panel curtain. There is another option that lets in daytime light and can be easily switched to a full window covering by the pull of a cord. The Day and Night Roller Blind What are your family’s needs? Along with considering type and style it may also be necessary to look at the safety aspects of a window covering.  With your children and animals is it best to have a curtain that runs manually on rails or eyelets against one that has a long cord that could get tangled around a child or pet. There are budgetary requirements and like anything, you pay for what you get.  If you require a thicker curtain that blocks out light or a shade with many moving parts you will pay more.  However a good quality window covering will last you a lifetime and not weather over time due to the Sun’s UV rays. If you would like to look at some more window coverings then we would suggest a quick visit to Dekoria. Who specialize in all things window covers.  They have an amazing range or colours and styles to suit any taste.