Get the Look: The Contemporary Country Club Bedroom

This year’s must-have interior look is the contemporary country club – think deep, comfy leather chairs with sleek lines and contemporary fabric textures meeting traditional dark wood tones. We take a look at the easiest ways to get yourself a slice of this luxurious yet sophisticated style scheme.

Lansdowne Walnut Double Bed
The Lansdowne Walnut Double Bed

The key to unlocking country club cool is contrast. Look for pieces which feature contrasting materials, finishes and silhouettes, but keep the tones muted – greys and organic browns. Though there’s more room for playfulness than in many minimalist styles, make sure you don’t go overboard, a few well chosen ornaments is all you need.

Start with the bed: our pick for the ultimate in country club fusion cool is the Lansdowne Walnut Double Bed, which combines dark-stained natural wood tones with fabric textures and a crisp contemporary silhouette. Paired with a matching bedside table, a vintage chaise and dressing table, this bed will help you to get the sophisticated look you need.

While most contemporary styles mean lifeless white walls, country club cool is all about deep, rich tones, stained wood panelling and organic design accents. Pair pieces like the Lansdowne bed with distressed antique furniture to create a truly decadent Presidential Suite feel, or choose a bold wallpaper and create a striking feature wall.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not check out your local auction house and see if you can track down a quirky, unique accent piece – think hunting trophies, high backed chairs and tall bookcases. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and end up with a stag’s head on every wall. A little goes a long way. If you feel you need to dial back the traditional feel, a contemporary freestanding lamp can tip the balance in favour of crisp modernity.

When aiming for the country club feel, light is a key consideration. Avoid heavy nets, and instead go for billowing curtains or a neat roman blind. Choose low level lighting to accentuate the decadent feel, and decorate corners with dark-leaved plants – think rubber plants and dragon trees.

So if you’ve been trying to capture that elusive country club feel, make sure you start with a bold feature piece like the Lansdowne double bed, and let it dictate the feel of the room. Soon you’ll be relaxing in your very own sanctum of sophisticated style.

And if you’ve got the taste for the high life, why not check out Forbes Magazine’s rundown of the most opulent country club style home amenities.