Enjoy A Chilled Coffee Revolution

Convention says that in order to have a chilled cup of coffee on a hot Summer’s day you first need to heat the water and then brew.

However there is another way that preserves the natural coffee elements and brings out almost 90% more flavour and less acidity.  Yeap 90% more flavor and less acidity.

Hario, have found a neat way to effectively infuse all the best of coffee into normal cold water.  With their Cold Brew system you simply:-

  • Add around 80g of preferred coffee and 1000ml of water to a Hario Brew Coffee Pot.
  • Stir it up close the lid and leave in refrigerator for anywhere between 3 to 24 hours.
  • One jug has about 8 cups of coffee in it.


You will be pleasantly surprised by the rich, yet comforting natural taste of a new type of cold coffee that you can brew in your fridge.

You will never know how different a cold water brewed coffee tastes until you try it. All of Hario’s products have the same philosophy at heart: quality and functionality that are beautiful and useful in equal measure.

For more information on the Cold Brew please click here.