Create a focal point in your living room

Have you ever wondered what makes one room look so elegant and attractive and another one so drab or cluttered? It is the focal point, to give you a to-the-point answer. You may now ask what a focal point is and how to create one in your living room to make it look more attractive. So here we go.

What is a focal point?

The focal point is the place where people’s eyes naturally fall when they enter a room. Usually a focal point is a natural one like a fireplace or a window or you can create it intelligently with your own ideas. A coffee table, such as the Bouji Oval Ottoman, a large picture on the wall or a huge plant placed at a corner can act as focal points for a living room.

Bouji Oval Ottoman
Bouji Oval Ottoman


How to decorate the room?

Once you have the focal point, you need to create the layout of the room to make the focal point work. As for example, the focal point should face the main entry of the room. It is not necessary that all the pieces of furniture should face it but you should arrange them in a way that they do not obstruct the views when people enter the room.

If a low-lying window is the focal point of your living room, keep low furniture so as to not block the view of the window.

Create your own focal point

A coffee table at the center of the room can be the easy choice for a focal point. However, you have to make it work by choosing it in unique designs or colors. Go for an unusual shaped coffee table that would immediately impress the guests. Having a long vase full of lilies or any seasonal flowers would also work. If the room has lots of neutral colors, choose red roses or colorful daisies to catch attention. For a home with a green theme, you can place a few shells on the table to make your own style statement.

A wall with your favorite photos or a picture can be another interesting choice for a focal point.  Take a look at the Frank Sinatra 1967 Limited Edition Print.

Frank Sinatra 1967 Limited Edition

Even mirrors can be placed on the wall to catch the attention. Instead of a single photo, create a collage and use an interesting frame to share it with the world.

A big potted plant in a metal container placed at a corner of a room can be the focal point to give your room a natural look.

So, what’s your idea of a focal point? Get creative and use interesting things to create a focal point for your living room and surprise your guests.

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