Contemporary Bedrooms With A Difference

When you hear ‘Contemporary bedroom’ what do you think? Increasingly, the phrase seems to mean nothing more than white walls, white bedding, no storage and no convenience. We think that needs to change, which is why we present our guide to the best in quirky, colourful contemporary bedroom design.

The first thing we’d like to do away with is the idea that contemporary style equals boring minimalism. We don’t know about you, but we’re getting tired of seeing endless white-walled, impractical spaces in magazines, and we’d like some more colour.

Sunshine yellows, electric blues and cherry reds make for fantastic wall colours, so don’t be afraid to be bold. Pair bright walls with organic tones and quirky modern shapes for an inspiring start and finish to the day. Even if you do decide on white walls, or you live in rented accommodation and aren’t able to decorate, make sure you pick some colourful furniture to break up the monotony.

Fonteyn Double Bed 140cm x 200cm
Fonteyn Double Bed 140cm x 200cm

To create a unique contemporary bedroom, you really need a unique contemporary bed. Our pick for the best bed for an exciting modern bedroom is the Fonteyn Oak and Walnut Bed designed by Steuart Padwick. With bold curves, angled legs and a contrasting selection of organic wood tones, it’s the perfect way to bring personality to a contemporary space.

Wood tones are a great way to introduce some organic softness to a clinical contemporary space, although many wooden beds look out of place, and can bog down your style. The Fonteyn is ahead of the game here, as every aspect of its silhouette is designed to harmonise traditional and modern textures.

Chosen by Stella Magazine as their top contemporary double bed, the Fonteyn softens harsh minimalist style, and helps you create a sleeping space that’s relaxing, rejuvenating and effortlessly stylish. Pair it with an antique Art Deco bedside table for an eclectic look.

For extra tips on bedroom style and how to get the look you’re after, check out Channel 4’s list of 48 contemporary bedroom design ideas. Their list is packed with great ideas, although there’s some of the aforementioned tired white-walled minimalism in there too.

When you’re planning your bedroom, make sure you’re true to your own style. Don’t sacrifice colour just because of conventional wisdom – just have fun. Your bedroom should reflect your personality, and with so many incredible, unique design ideas out there, there’s no excuse to hide behind minimalist cliche.

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