BBQ Lover & Outdoor Dining Essentials

With the Summer weather here Barbecuing and outdoor dining is a must. At Absolute Home we have found some truly unique and interesting outdoor dining and barbecuing equipment you will love.
Personalised BBQ Set Made to order, this BBQ set includes Tongs Marinade brush Two pronged fork Spatula Knife All or which can be personalised with your own special message.  The utensils come in a weatherproof case to help keep them protected.  A perfect Birthday or Wedding gift idea that the recipient will love. Corkcicle Wine Cooler & Stopper Whoever thought of this deserves a medal.  The simplest of ways to keep your white wine cool by doing away with ice buckets or wraps. VonHaus 2.5ft Folding Trestle Table The highly durable VonHaus 2.5ft folding trestle table is an essential addition to any outdoor social occasion.  From picnics to camping trips, beach outings or garden parties. Murphy Bar folding Outdoor Table & Cabinet The Murphy is a great external table and storage idea.  Made for treated exterior wood, this table would fit on the side of your house shed or fence to give you a really unique outdoor table and storage cabinet. Bear Carry Crate With Bottle Opener Made from reclaimed wood with a cast iron bottle opener attached, this beer carrier is a unique and fun way to transport drinks from your fridge to your outdoor social gathering. Bag of Oak Shavings For your BBQ This is a 3 litre bag of oak shavings that will be perfect in adding extra flavour to your BBQd meat. Personalised Garden Drinks Holders Made from forded metal, these personalised garden drinks holders are perfect for if you are gardening or just lazing around on a Saturday afternoon.  No need to put you mug or can on the ground and risk getting it knocked over.