Review: Spring 2016 Dutchbone Homeware from Cuckooland

Review: Spring 2016 Dutchbone Homeware from Cuckooland

Here at Absolute Home we have great pleasure in working with some fantastic design houses and premium quality homeware stores.  Today we are taking a look at the UK Exclusive launch of Dutchbone from Cuckooland.

DUTCHBONE is a Netherlands-based designer specialising in global-inspired interiors with soul. New to the UK this month is their on trend mix of Indian print rugs, Moroccan metallics, marble tables and rough, natural textures combined with man-made materials. As you would expect Cuckooland are beyond excited to welcome this eclectic range to the family!  Remember they are the first to get Dutchbone quality homeware into the UK.

Boho Charm Add warmth and colour to your room with cherished gold furnishings, wooden tables and burnished copper accessories.  The rustic elegance of these items will add a real character to your home that you can show off… subtly?  There are a host of elegant 2 x 3 metre woven Persian style rugs within this range that are simply glorious and definitely worth a further look.

Persian Rug Blue Cuckooland

  A Tribal Table with rough wooden surfaces, plants and African wall murals helps to create a unique look that works particularly well in the corner of a larger room, or within a smaller space.

Throughout 2015 there was a definite  Retro Revival within homeware ranges throughout the UK; and nowhere is this more evident than with the Herringbone that is definitely making a comeback. Dutchbone allows you to combine the pattern with dark wood furniture for that stunning 60s style.

Golden Splendour that encompasses an Indonesian interior dream with creams, browns and golds and an eclectic mix of materials, prints and textures.  Particularly suited to lighter rooms these opulent pieces of furniture will really make a statement to your guests.

The Dutchbone range doesn’t just cater for the inside.  Take at the Kabu Rattan Armchiar. A piece of rustic style furniture that you may expect to see on the porch of an old western film… well you can have it now on your patio whilst you sit down after lunch, with the morning supplement.

There really is something for everyone, whatever you taste. current décor or styling preferences. Explore global homeware & furniture fashion with the Dutchbone and Cuckooland.