A Short History Of The Sideboard

Sideboards have become a feature piece in many homes around the country and like many pieces of household furniture they have a history.

In the 18th century a sideboard was a status piece that would sit in your dedicated dining room where it would store dining ware in its cupboards and drawers and be able to be a place where food was served from, rather than having all your dishes on the main dining table.

During the 19th century households became richer and were able to afford a home that had a dedicated dining space; this meant that the desire to emulate the wealthy grew and with it a increase in the demand for an affordable and stylish sideboard that could be shown off at dinner parties or family gatherings such the Christmas lunch.  You will usually find that the sideboard in a dining room holds the finest household crockery and cutlery.

During the 20th, with the advent of the TV, the increase in property prices along with the amalgamation of the dining area with the open plan living room, sideboards have become a feature where either dining accessories or general household objects and soft furnishings are kept.

Some examples of sideboards that are in many households today.

Bourbon Vintage Sideboard, Distressed Grey Today vintage along with antique is making a definite comeback to our living spaces and this emulates a perfect example of vintage. Bourbon Vintage Sideboard, Distressed Grey Baxter Square Industrial Four Drawer Sideboard Industrial styled furniture is very popular and goes with a multitude of different interior styles, from modern to vintage and chic. Baxter Square Industrial Four Drawer Sideboard Burley Walnut Wood Sideboard The quintessential 70s sideboard with smooth front and tapered legs, I remember this from my childhood do you? Burley Walnut Wood Sideboard Canton Black Sideboard Cabinet With Brass Handles This piece exudes everything orient and would stand well in a minimalist designed living space even down to white walls.Canton Black Sideboard Cabinet With Brass Handles
Along with rosewood this is one of the only pieces we have found that incorporates stone (in this case marble) into its design and I think it goes very well.
Forde Rosewood & Marble Sideboard Stow Sideboard, Vintage Brass Something completely different, taking the idea of the sideboard into the living room to its fullest with more than enough storage space for all your individual items.Stow Sideboard, Vintage Brass Calligaris Seattle 3 Door Sideboard, Black More and more modern sideboards are extremely clean looking with ridged angles and minimal or plain colouring. Calligaris Seattle 3 Door Sideboard, Black  Middleton Ivory 6 Drawer Chest A very interesting take on the sideboard where wicker type boxes are used within a basic frame.  Not necessarily for your crockery but definitely a piece for the living room that can store all manor of items.  Middleton Ivory 6 Drawer Chest

Corona Mexican Pine Large Sideboard

Apart from oak and rosewood pine is also used a staple in sideboard design.  The contrast between the wood and metal make this a piece that will fit most interior styles.

I hope that you have found this article interesting.  If you are looking for any more sideboard ideas please feel free to visit our collection of sideboards by clicking here.